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Protective Blanket

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UHP Protective blanket is a 1-layer non flammable aramid cloth product.
Aramid is part of the "Kevlar" type family of products and is widely used by the military for armour protection.  

The UHP protective blanket is used as extra protection in places that must not be affected by the nearby ongoing UHP work.
The material is tested with our UHP 2100 bar at 8 l/minute and it can withstand short periods of swiping with the UHP water jet. 
The blanket is very flexible. More blankets can be placed on top of each other for additional protection. 

  • Protective 
  • Non flammable material
  • Tested by Danish Technological Institute

Size:   2000 x 700 x 0,47mm (L x W x H)
Weight:     0,77kg
Additional Specifications
Claus Engelbrecht

For more details please contact:

Mr. Claus Engelbrecht Jensen

Telephone:  +45 2783 4654
E-Mail:  cej@pm.dk

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