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Magnetic Crawler Ø900mm-flat

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The UHP Magnetic Crawler Ø900mm - flat is a highly efficient remote controlled UHP tool. Cleans large surfaces rapidly; also for even use on pipes. Works horizontally, vertically and overhead on pipe in sizes from Ø900mm to flat structural steel. 
A safe, work-saving and cost-efficient way of doing UHP work. 

Crawler tool sizes for pipe dimensions min. Ø600-900mm available as well.

Works together with UHP 2500 bar 17 l/min. ATEX & DNV 2.7-1 unit. 

Size:   915 x 605 x 390mm (L x W x H)
Weight:     53kg
Additional Specifications
Chassis Type:
Aluminium frame
Water (Ltr./minute):
17 l/minute
Compressed Air Supply:
7 bar
Air Consumption:
1500 l/minute
Scarifying Width:
240 mm
Pieter Mouritsen

For more details please contact:

Mr. Pieter Mouritsen

Telephone:  +45 4045 4664
E-Mail:  pm@pm.dk

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