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Cold Cutting Equipment

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Cold Cutting Equipment  for use with Ultra High Pressure unit.
This equipment allows cutting of steel where conventional tools are not allowed due to ATEX classification of the working area.

Designed to be fully portable and can be set-up and operated by a two-man team (trained operators). Flexible solution which can be used for most cutting tasks provided that there is sufficient room for the cutting head to operate.

Minimum installation requirements: Water and electrical supply for UHP unit and compressed air for cold cutting tool. 

  • Ideal for cutting metal pipes of all sizes as well as plates  
  • Cuts through all kinds of steel in either flat or curved surfaces 
  • Cuts through 127 mm (5") thick steel  
  • Flexible solution: Can easily be adapted to most cutting tasks  
  • Minimum installation requirements.

Powerful, versatile and flexible equipment.

Size:   Cutting head: 650 x 330 x 500mm (L x W x H)
Weight:     11kg
Additional Specifications
Pieter Mouritsen

For more details please contact:

Mr. Pieter Mouritsen

Telephone:  +45 4045 4664
E-Mail:  pm@pm.dk

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