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Dust Collector incl. Frame

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Dust Collector incl. Grit Recovery Frame is specially designed for use with 1 ton big bags.
Grit abrasives are sucked from the powerful air driven vacuum unit directly into a big bag, which is placed on a pallet.

When the bag is full, it is simply closed and replaced by a new empty bag.

If needed the dust collector can easily be removed from the frame. 

The frame is made of stainless steel.

Height of unit: 3650 mm when assembled.
(Frame = 1650 mm & Vacuum Unit 2000 mm).

Noise level: 77 dB (A)

Size:   1650 x 2050 x 3650mm (L x W x H)
Weight:     385kg
Additional Specifications
Working Range:
20 metres - hose dependent
Compressed Air Supply:
7 bar
Air Consumption:
4,3 m3/min
Tank Volume (ltr):
Pieter Mouritsen

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Mr. Pieter Mouritsen

Telephone:  +45 4045 4664
E-Mail:  pm@pm.dk